Fez : The Imperial City
We propose to our Symposium participants a cultural trip over 1200 years human history

The imperial city is the capital of traditional Moroccan culture. Cradle of knowledge, for which its superb medersas are a flamboyant symbol.

A medersa is a school where the Koran is taught along with all the classic subject of learning: mathematics, grammar, history, astronomy, medicine… In Morocco, and especially in Fès, medersas have the important role of integrating students from other regions. Generally they are built around a central courtyard with a fountain. Classes are held under the sumptuous arcades bordering it.

The Karaouiyine mosque is one of the most imposing in Morocco. It houses a university which is thought to be the oldest in the world and which was founded in the middle of the 9th century at a time when theology, grammar and Koranic law were the basic subjects taught. The El-Attarine medersa, situated opposite it, is considered to be the most beautiful in the medina.

Karaouine Mosque

 Stunning monument of the city of Fez Al Karaouine Mosque is one of the largest and best known of  Morocco. From X to XII th century, it became one of the first universities in the world and is considered  the oldest university in the world still in operation. At first, this mosque was only one role, religious and  thereafter, certainly during the reign of Mérinides, it became a university that is recognized around the world  for the  quality of its teaching and its teachers.

Bou Inania

 Madrasah Bou Inania is a Koranic school in Fez, many boarding schools built at the initiative of the  Merinids. Madrasah Bou-Inania, dating from the fourteenth century, is the largest and most beautiful of  the city with its minaret that dominates all others.

Medersa Attarine

 Like the Andalusian Mosque, the Madrasah Attarine is an architectural jewel of the city of Fez. Built  between 1323 and 1325 during the reign of Sultan Merinid Abu Said Uthman, the Attarine madrasa was  used for the original hosting for students of the University Karaouiyne. Located in the district of Fez Attarine,  this madrasah today remains a sacred place but is also a tourist must. And because the madrasa Attarine  is a beautiful building, decorated with marble, zelliges and subtly carved cedar wood.

The museum Nejjarine

 The museum Nejjarine Fes is the first private museum specializing in the arts and crafts of wood in  Morocco. Located on a site of nearly 300 years, it offers a singular view of the expertise and dexterity of  Moroccan artisans and masters works.

The Museum of Arms - Borj Nord

 The Borj North museum of weapons faced his twin South of the city. Built in 1852 by Saadian Ahmed el  Mansour, the building now houses a military museum.Swords of all ages and from all countries, muskets,  batteries flintlock, percussion rifles, muskets ... even the museum presents numerous prehistoric finds

The museum Dar BATHA

 heart of the medina, opposite the beautiful Bou Inania madrasah. Before becoming a museum in 1915, the  building was a beautiful palace of Arab-Andalusian style, built by Moulay el Hassan in the late nineteenth  century.This museum full of treasures reflecting the traditional art of Fez and its region. On the menu:  carved wood, embroidery, zellige, wrought iron, jewelry, coins, carpets ... The wealth of Fassi craft is  striking! These are many collections of Dar Batha Museum one of the most interesting Moroccan museums.  A must if you go through during your stay Fez.